French macarons. Elegant, sweet shells made of ground almonds and egg whites. Filled with buttercream, jam, or ganache. Not coconut macaroons.


Currently: Due to schedule, limit 2 flavors per order and at least 2 weeks notice (one month notice for custom orders). Thank you for your understanding!

Mocha (Coffee + Chocolate) Cookie Butter (gingerbread) Sweet Strawberry
Earl Grey Ferrero Rocher (chocolate hazelnut) Fruity Pebbles
Strawberry Lemonade (seasonal) Pumpkin Spice (seasonal) Passionfruit (seasonal)


Box of 2 $5
Box of 6 $12
Box of 12 $20

Listed prices are for classic macarons. Customized orders will depend on extent of decoration/personalization. Pricing may also differ for orders of large quantities.

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